Thursday, August 13, 2009

my first web site

well, dis is my first web site dat i create it.. really love dis one.. too much memory.. started wif nothing till u can see like dis.. not so interesting, but a bit sentimental value for me and for us.. huhu.. best giler weh.. kalo ade masa jomlah lepak kat web ni.. free of charge.. no registration fee required..hehe.. cuma yg penting upload gambar dan aktifkan diri anda macam HotLiNk.. but dis is not official web la.. cuma untuk keep in touch jer.. but its okey la.. simple.. kat sinilah masing2 Gigih untuk merancang aktiviti dan mengupdate gambar2 terbaru.. hehe habis jer tiap2 prog, sume tak sabar untuk masuk web, sbb nak tgk apa yg terbaru.. well thx to all..

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