Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teh Tarik Again..

Teh Tarik Cafe again... cannot miss it.. really love dis place.. today i having my breakfast at here again..wif a dilicious dish nasi goreng kampung together wif sirap bandung..look at it.. nice rite? but the wheater is not so nice, coz a bit rainy and cloudy..having a dish such i've never been eat it b4.. so cool.. maybe next time i will ask my friends to 'lepak' here.. it open from 10am i guest till 10pm..near to dis cafe is RedBox.. so after u eat, u can enjoy and hang out @ RedBox.. sing a long till nite never end.. haha... wonderfull.. but what i really like today was, PADINI had a sale.. really cheap. i got all my stuff there.. such as my nephew clothes ang mine of course, i bought my office wear.. and my bag.. almost ermmmmm how much hah? forget bout i.. so juz want to share wif u all, once u come here u will never forget dis place again.. u'll ask ur self to come and come here again, even alone.. :) tomorrow i dun know where should i have my breakfast..dis place again? i guest so...hehehe..but really nice la.. so u guys come and enjoy ya..

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